Apple Purposefully Slows Down Older iPhones Ahead Of New Releases?

Ever noticed your iPhone slowing down, lagging or completely locking up from time to time? Perhaps it is time to delete those old photos that are clogging up your phone’s memory. A recent study undertaken by Laura Trucco from Harvard University seems to suggest the issue might be a bit more controversial.

The study undertaken backs up the theory that Apple purposefully releases software updates for older iPhones which causes them to not respond as swiftly. Hence encouraging users to purchase the latest iPhone to overcome these issues. Think back to the iPhone 4 running on iOS7 with the new look interface. Yes it looked pretty – but there were many complaints of its functionality at the time.

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deadlydragon1211058d ago

Apple does seem to be purposely cheating the buyers. Same thing happened with the iPad and older iPods which are pretty unusable now unless used for simplistic things!

deadman1211058d ago

I can't install anything decent on my older iPod without having to jailbreak - cheat it!

UltraNova1057d ago

Cheating the Cheater is legal right?

If Apple is indeed doing this they should be punished.

There's no excuse for older models to run slower if you release apps designed for its specs. If they allow current phone apps to be installed in older units with no optimization they are guilty of cheating again.

Revvin1058d ago

I think there really could be something to this, since the last few iOS updates my iPad 3rd gen is much much slower, freezes frequently and completely locks up. It will be Apple's loss though as I'll most likely upgrade to a Surface Pro 4 rather than another iPad.

lento1058d ago

Yup my 2nd Gen ipad is completely useless unless to play music

deadlydragon1211058d ago

Can you still install apps?

annoyedgamer1058d ago (Edited 1058d ago )

Isn't that the case with all Apple products?

Wolf26pack1058d ago

Same thing happens in Android. It might be a conspiracy, but you also have to remember is that when each company beings out it's "New OS" they build it with the newest phones in mind. So the software hogs resources, as well as all the apps that constantly updating. I think there might be a bit of planned obsolescence in the new OS's so I think when it comes to Android 6.0 which is probably built for the next Nexus and Galaxy S7, I will stay with Android 5.1.1

Somebody1058d ago

I agree. For months I have been holding off upgrading my Moto G because the process was long(slow internet). The phone kept reminding me but I just ignored it until it stopped reminding me. Then a couple of months later it started reminding me again but now it stays around in the background constantly and for some reason it drains the battery like a vampire. After several weeks I got tired with a phone that only last for less than half day on a full charge, I was forced to upgrade.

The new OS is slow! I got my regular batter life back but the phone is sluggish. What was once a fast process now I have to wait much longer for any app to launch.

The new upgrade for my old phone is pushing me to buy a new phone.

jronj1058d ago

My Ipad 3 ran perfect but I couldn't instal new games with the old OS so I updated and now it runs super slow...

Pillsbury11057d ago

If you didn't want to play new games that are designed for new hardware then it would have stayed at the same speed. People want the newest features but don't want to upgrade hardware to get those features, it doesn't make sense.

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