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Microsoft Lumia 950 review | CNET

A disappointing Windows 10 flagship, CNET reviews the Microsoft Lumia 950.

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Revvin1063d ago

I use Google maps quite a bit for travelling around so the lack of that single app is a big of a negative for me but other than that the phones look nice and have a very good spec. The last time I had a Windows phone it was a company provided Lumia 820 that had awful awful battery life and weighed the same as a house brick and I vowed never to use a Windows phone again but this new 950 range has really made me reconsider.

mcstorm1062d ago

It depends on how you look at it. I have used WP sine it came out and ive had a HD7, Titan, Lumia 900 and 925.

I have decided to give Android a go again this time round though and got an LG G4 as I liked the look of the phone and fenced a change of OS seems ive been with WP for a few years now.

I am enjoying the LG G4 but I still prefer how WP works and displays everything. The app game is the biggest issue with WP though.

As for google maps for me I never used it even when I had android before WP. I use Here maps and for me its the best mapping app on a mobile and even better on WP.

I do like the look of the Lumia 950 and 950xl but like I have said I wanted a change and I also want to let Windows Mobile mature over the next 18 moths before I go back to it and I am also hoping the app gap starts to close along with the choice of devices they offer.

Revvin1062d ago

Good to hear, its a shame my first experience with a Windows Phone was so lousy. I was a manager at a construction firm at the time and the company bought us all Nokia Lumia 820's. At first I was a little intrigued to try it being a bit of a tech geek and the lack of apps was disappointing but it was the battery life that was the killer.

The battery couldn't even last a working day without charge so we all had to buy in-car chargers just to make it through the day. Also the phone was like a housebrick, it was soo heavy. You could feeling pulling at your trousers as it slipped in your pocket but I suppose there was no chance of anyone stealing it as I'd soon notice the lack of weight!

As someone working out of the office for long periods on site I could see Continuum being handy as more offices have hot desking facilities. The maps thing is more I suppose of what I'm used to. I have HERE on my Windows 10 PC (I really like Windows 10) and I opened it and Google Maps together. Google Maps has me pinpointed within about 10 feet while HERE has me about 5-10 miles away. I know they will work much better on a phone with GPS its just a confidence thing and I trust Google Maps.

Microsoft has really done a great job with Windows 10 across various devices. I have my two desktops and a laptop upgraded to Windows 10, the Windows 10 powered update to my XBOX One has made the UI much crisper and faster and I am looking to change my iPads to Surface Pro 4's potentially and Windows Phone is no longer such a no go for me and will be given serious consideration on my next phone upgrade.

mcstorm1062d ago

I am surprised you have had a battery issue with your WP as I have not had the issue on any of my WP even 2 years in with the phones I had. I have been impressed with my LG G4's battery too I must admit and this was my biggest gripe with android when I last had it. I want for the LG over Samsung and HTD due to the light UI and I also wanted a great camera as the Lumia 925 camera was amazing.

I agree about MS though for me they are dishing out some great software/hardware now windows 10 on my surface pro 3 is amazing and my work pc is twice as fast too. I do like the new xbox dash too but I am happing people start to see MS for what they are now and not what they were in the past but only time will tell.