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Chromebooks and a Few Reasons Why You Need One

Chromebooks are often regarded as the entry level to computers. Yes, you can access the internet, check emails, and play a few games. They could never compete with the best of the PC or Apple world, and they never even tried to be the dominate force in your home. However, after my experience with a Chromebook, I don’t think I could ever live without one. Before you go ahead and call me a “Noob” let me tell you a few things about Chromebooks that may surprise you, and maybe even make you want to try out one of these little machines yourself.

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MrsNesbitt2946d ago

Nifty things! Nice informative article

ABizzel12945d ago

Best Buy will have an Acer Chromebook for $99 on Black Friday.

XxNxWxOxX2945d ago

I definitely suggest picking one up if you don't already have one. Personally, I think Acer makes the best Chromebook!


Walmart early access sale: TVs, Apple tech, action cameras and more on sale ahead of Black Friday

See our favorite of the 500-plus deals in Walmart’s pre-Black Friday sale

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SwiderMan383d ago

The $398 LG TV is infinitely better than the $98 .onn TV, but I bet people will choose the latter


Acer shows off new 3D monitors that don't require glasses

Acer's stereoscopic 3D tech lands on new monitors and a laptop.

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Chrome OS Flex can turn any computer into a Chromebook

One of the things in short supply during the pandemic is computer hardware. Everything from PC components and Macs to Chromebooks has been scarce, but what if you could turn an aging computer you already own into a Chromebook?

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