PS4, VR And Why Sony Must “Break The Mould” For The Good Of The Games Industry

Detroit, Dreams, Wild and a belief in VR: Euro boss Jim Ryan says it’s fundamental that Sony pushes the boundaries of console entertainment.

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sonicwrecks2699d ago

Innovator Sony is much preferred to 'resting on its laurels' Sony. VR is clearly going to be important in the future but those who work on the PlayStation VR (formerly Project Morpheus) HMD all seem so enthused and excited about it. I only hope Sony can deliver on the promise of it's own tech.

micx2699d ago

There's a possibility of VR being important in the future and I'm glad Sony is enthusiastic about it.

Granted, they were pushing 3D too in video-games, but the level of immersion provided by VR is just uncomparable. It could lead to development of new genres, etc.