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HTC Reveals the New HTC One A9

HTC today unveiled the latest addition to the award-winning HTC One family, the HTC One A9. Melding the best of HTC’s acclaimed design and innovation with the latest from Google’s Android, this is a stunning, no-compromise smartphone that stands out from the crowd. Built for people who want a better choice, the HTC One A9 is a smartphone that combines striking design on the outside with the newest features of Android 6.0 Marshmallow with HTC Sense on the inside to create an unrivaled smartphone experience.

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Shillmeister2966d ago

Hmmm the camera seems surprisingly decent on this a few nice tools for it, still probably swayed by the Nexus 6P though just as it'll get software updates more efficiently.

HRD_Games2966d ago

I'm a sucker for Samsung (for my sins), but this HTC is looking pretty nice.

KingPin2966d ago

the last samsung phone owned was the Z400. once i got an HTC theres no going back. IMO, for my personal use, the HTC just has way more features i find useful compared to that of samsung. But when it comes to build quality, HTC and Apple are tops. have to give em that.

Maple222966d ago

Looks like its going to be a grear addition to the HTC family. Lovely new features abd the colour choices.

PR_FROM_OHIO2966d ago

HTC or Iphone?? Really HTC SMH

annoyedgamer2965d ago

iPhone ripped of htc first. See the htc M9

KingPin2965d ago

lol dont tell apple fans that apple ripped off another company.

their motto is Apple innovates the rest follow remember. :P

shadowknight2032965d ago

Still, 399.99 unlocked with 12 months 1 free replacement, a good camera with some good specs make this phone a really good "economical" device for the price. 2 tb expandable memory...why go for a samsung?

annoyedgamer2965d ago

You forgot the lg G4 is still there.

Mr Logic2965d ago

If you like giant phones.


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