Galaxy S7 silvery white Mg body to replace aluminum

"Samsung went down the metal road with the Galaxy Alpha, and it hasn’t gone back to plastic since. Once the already discontinued Galaxy Alpha demonstrated that the South Korean company can actually do premium design, the mill was turning and there was no turning back. "

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Minimoth1901d ago

I'm glad to see that Samsung is using better materials, but the Galaxy Alpha was ridiculously overpriced just because of the metal body. Is the S7 going to cost over $1000 because of this?

pressjudge1901d ago

Let's hope it will not be overpriced. I am willing to pay extra for quality but not crazy much.

emilysmithltg1901d ago

Plastic. Plastic all the way.

Kakashi Hatake1900d ago

Sick of great features like removable battery, waterproofing, and SD card being thrown under the bus just for a metal body that's just going to be covered by a case. The smartphone industry is losing sight of what's important.

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N0TaB0T1900d ago

Magnesium is more grippy too.