Headphones that beam music straight into your head? You better believe it

"We all love headphones, but sometimes you also want to hear what’s going on around you in addition to listening to your favorite songs. Instead of just lowering down the volume, would if I told you that you can wear a device that lets you listen to music and doesn’t cover your ears?"

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emilysmithltg1906d ago

Woah that's more creepy than awesome.

stuna11905d ago

Exactly! Who's to say what someone else is beaming into our heads!? Same with the toothbrush that plays music in our heads.

1905d ago
level 3601904d ago

Am guessing here the audio would sound + feel simulated/artificial as compared to even a cheap but still good headphones or in-ear monitors.

mushroomwig1904d ago

Seems super easy for somebody to just steal it off your head.

BuildTheWall1904d ago

This is not newly released tech. I got some headphones like these over a year ago & was NOT impressed. Gave them to a friend & got the NAD VISO HP50 headphones for $249.99 from Amazon.