VR vs. PlayStation VR – Sony’s New Name is Simply Perfect

VRFocus delivers the latest entry in its 'VR vs.' series, this week looking at the rebranding of Project Morpheus to PlayStation VR.

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ChrisW1907d ago

Yes, we got attached to the name Morpheus. It was a phenomenally better name than what they finalized. Oh well... It's sometimes the name that sells a product better than anything else. I just hope they didn't screw the pooch with this simplistic name change.

boing11907d ago

Are you serious? How casuals would know what's Morpheus? Playstation VR is perfect. New name tells it all.

ChrisW1906d ago

VR will primarily be a niche product -- mostly for hardcore gamers, VR enthusiasts, and for viewing movies in privacy.

Very few "casual" consumers will be interested in it.

boing11906d ago

Doesn't change a thing in what I said. And how do you know it's going to be a niche product? You think that over 20 million PS4 owners aren't waiting for it? I see a million in first month if they deliver on launch content and won't go too high with the price. Bottom line, it's way too soon to judge it like that.