Is The Apple TV The Future of Gaming Consoles?

Apple has finally released their newest revision of the Apple Tv. The rumors were right, games are coming to the Apple TV. With all the fuss surrounding this new gadget, are we really seeing the beginning of the end for consoles as we know it?

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2pacalypsenow2823d ago

Lol I remember an article like this one when the original Apple TV was announced .
The answer is no

justy1122823d ago

No not in a million years will it ever be the future of gaming. Pc, Ps4 and Xbox one are miles ahead of Apple Tv and it always will be end of story. stop writing these stupid stories for clicks

Gondee2822d ago

No. No micro console will ever be.

Cueil2822d ago

for the same price as an Xbox 360 or PS3 that has hundreds and hundreds of super cheap AAA games you can get a Apple TV... I think I'll pass