iPad Pro price to go over $1000 mark for base model

"The iPad Pro is going to be the newest device in the Apple portfolio, and yet another first for the company. It looks like the MacBook Air is going to become obsolete once the iPad Pro is out, seeing as the most recent model of the MacBook Air is not doing so well."

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emilysmithltg1903d ago

Too much Apple. Why not make a GOOD MacBook for a change?

rpgenius4201902d ago

Surface Pro is still better no matter what Apple does.

pressjudge1899d ago

Apple makes better products, quality over Mhz

Aldous_Snow1902d ago

The sheep will lap this up.

Saigon1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

If it is a good product then it is a good product; being a sheep has nothing to do with it being a good product.

Wikkid6661902d ago

Paying more for a product that is less quality and less features is being sheep.

Saigon1902d ago

I really do not understand why droid users need to make a reason why one phone is better than the next. Ok so it is price and quality...well I hate to ruin your day because last I checked there are several high end Android Phones out on the market and they sort of sit in the same boat as the Apple phones. Apple Phones are know for quality. You may have some bad apples but every phone company has those issues. For some reason when Apple has a fault everyone seems to jump on the wagon to say how bad the products are and funny part is that they never even owned one.

The other part I hate is that many forget Apple OS are for Apple Products. You won't find and Apple OS running on a foreign device. Android OS are built for any device, but the key thing is that it is up to the proprietor of that device to unlock the features for the that phone for users to use. So if you want to pay for a high end Droid with all of the bells a whistles than you can do that. While you can also have basic model phones that are cheep. I think it is a good practice and I like how companies are taking advantage of this feature but eventually they will move on.

eferreira1902d ago

if many more have android devices and preach only android, aren't they the sheep?

Ipunchbabiesforfun1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

64gb memory? Seriously Apple, enough already!! I like apple products but the lack of memory is just ridiculous now.

FlyingFoxy1902d ago

Why are Apple products rediculously priced? Seriously. I built an x99 gaming rig some months ago, i bet if Apple sold an imac at similar spec it would cost at least double the price.

With ipads they even purposely screw people over by not having an SD card slot.

2pacalypsenow1902d ago

Because Steve jobs wanted apple to be know as a Luxury item, and having one was a sign of High status and success

annoyedgamer1902d ago

He failed with that vision because every random folk on the street has one, it cost them and arm and a leg and part of their future kid's college savings fund but who cares they have an Apple product....

2pacalypsenow1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

He succeeded because he made people feel good about owning an apple product , it made people pay an arm And a leg , no other electronics company can do that

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