Lenovo Takes Copying Apple To The Next Level With iPhone 6 Ripoff

Lenovo has taken copying existing design of established devices to a new level with the clone of iPhone 6 as its new Phab Plus which is the most accurate iPhone 6 ripoff to date.

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proudly_X1905d ago

smartphone boredom or lack of creativity?

mcstorm1904d ago

Yep, If you look at the IPhone 6 it took its design from the HTC M7/8/9. I do think the Smart Phone world is drying up now in terms of design and also spec's. I am still using my Lumia 925 and I really am not excited for any phone on the market at the moment. I like the look of the LG G4 and Sony Z5 but there is no reason for me to rush out and upgrade my phone as the Lumia 925 dose everything I need it to do and the camera is really good on it too.

rpgenius4201904d ago

I still have my Lumia 1520 and now with windows 10 mobile running on it and the fact that I can now install Android apps on it too makes getting a new phone just unappealing. I'll wait on the new Lumias before I make a choice.

mcstorm1903d ago

Ive tried Windows Phone 10 on my 925 twice but each time I had issues with the phone so I just decided to stay on 8.1. I may give it a try on when I get chance but I'm happy with what it offers me for now.

N0TaB0T1905d ago Show
Tzuno1904d ago

Good, that overpriced apple needs a price cut. Competition is good.

bahabeast1904d ago

Wow everyone has to copy sumone huh. People can bash Apple all they want but apple products last and the value stays strong.