Hackers discover how to remotely change target and disable self-aiming sniper rifles

Techspot: Cybersecurity researchers Runa Sandvik and Michael Auger have discovered a design flaw that allows someone to take control of a TrackingPoint self-aiming sniper rifle.

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Tonykid3241d ago

It's not really a hack if you're only relying if the owner didn't change the default password.

ChrisW3241d ago

Great... Real life Aim-bots... That are hackable.

BlackPhillip6663240d ago

Awesome now turn them on their owners.

deckhanddetailing301d ago

I think this is the great news for readers

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How to tell if your USB is weaponized

USB drives are frequent targets of hackers. Here are some ways to tell if a malicious party has targeted your USB device.

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A new exploit lets hackers unlock any Honda made since 2012

Thankfully, thieves still wouldn't be able to drive the vehicles away.

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697d ago

An Italian spyware hacked iPhone, and Android smartphones: Google reports

As per recent reports, hackers to spy on users have hacked iPhones and Android smartphones utilizing an Italian organization's tools.

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