Virgin begins £3B expansion in the UK: 152Mbps Internet to 4 million more homes

Ars Technica:

Virgin Media's expansion project, which will bring cable Internet to 4 million more premises in the UK, has officially begun. The project, which will take about five years, begins in Manchester this week, with 150,000 new homes and offices added to Virgin's network. Virgin hasn't announced where it will be going after Manchester, but it's pretty safe to assume that London, Birmingham, and other cities are high on the priority list.

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Virgin Media Saw Another Data Usage Record in March

With the continued home isolation and a gigantic update for Warzone to deal with, Virgin Media Ireland customers have broken another data usage record

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markkavanagh1134d ago

Staying at home is more fun with Virgin Media

PrimeVinister1134d ago

Having had it at a heftily reduced rate since last June, I have to agree :-D

TheEffectDotNet1134d ago

That's an extraordinary amount of data to be eating through!

PrimeVinister1134d ago

Paul Higgins must be obsessed with CoD seeing as it's to blame for every spike in data usage :-D

1134d ago

Average Virgin Customer Download Hits 456GB per Day

Virgin Media attributes November's spike to being stuck at home during the pandemic as well the release of PS5, Xbox Series S|X and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

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PrimeVinister1238d ago

I had to ask if it was a typo. I was in disbelief at first


Here's how you can acquire free one year Disney+Hotstar subscription

Airtel announced this offer after a couple of months when Jio provided a free subscription to Disney+Hotstar for its postpaid and broadband clients

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