'Galileoscope' Brings Low-Cost Starwatching to Kids

A low-cost telescope designed to help students around the world appreciate the wonders of the cosmos is now available in a special edition to celebrate the 2015 International Year of Light.

Stringerbell3091d ago

I remember taking an intro to astronomy at my University. The professor went on about how unless you spending an exorbitant amount of money on a telescope its waste to give one to a child. I couldn't disagree more, sparking that interest is the most important thing imo.


Rolls-Royce knocks small nuclear reactor for moon bases and space travel

Most people still only think of premium cars when they think of Rolls-Royce. The business has begun using its extensive knowledge of nuclear-powered engines for space exploration.

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NASA is literally going to fling satellites into space

With a giant slingshot. We're not kidding.

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Difference Between Attach and Weld in the Cricut Design Space App

Today, I will talk about two functions within the Design Space app that often get confused: Attach and Weld tools. At first, using the Cricut machine was a little trouble to understand the difference between these two tools. Once you know these tools, Design Space will be easy to use and a lot of fun. You can use the program better and make designs more quickly.

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