PornHub is crowdfunding $3.4M to explore the final frontier

The campaign, titled Sexploration, aims to raise $3.4 million to make a porno in space featuring Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins as astronauts. Those who donate to the campaign will be entitled to a range of prizes, all of which have space-inspired names.

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micx1853d ago

That's quite an extravaganza. I wonder whether it will get funded, 3.5 mills is not a small amount afterall.

ZoyosJD1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

.003% funded

I'd be surprised if they make 10% of the goal.

Porn is free on the Internet, I don't even know anyone who pays.

SilentNegotiator1853d ago

That would make them the first people recorded to have had sex in space, right?

Cueil1852d ago

not sure about that... I think I recall reading about someone doing that already... though I may be wrong

Phoenix761852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

The closest I think anyone came to having sex in zero-g was an American couple who were trying out a couples sleeping bag aboard zero-g training aircraft. The plane drops out of the sky for about 2/mins. In that time they had to grab onto each other (difficult enough) then attempt to zip themselves up and kiss. Before trying to get out of the bag before the plane stopped falling. They reported that once in the bag sex is possible, however, when one pushes the other, the other tends to float away.
So, it is possible, just...... Not really practical

Quick edit/after thought..... Would you really want to be inside a body bag with both yours and theirs bodily fluids floating up and around your neck???? Think about that!!!!

Sitdown1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

If people have anal sex, oral sex, sleep with animals, etc....pretty sure they aren't concerned with what's floating around their necks. Wouldn't be surprised if stuff on their neck was not some kind of fettish.

Sahil1852d ago

"$150000 USD This top level donation scores you one of the 2 spacesuits worn by our sextronauts complete with underwear, plus a swag bag! Great for cosplay enthusiasts."

Hhaha, no thank you.

micx1852d ago

What an exhilarating offer, haha. For you to enjoy their sweat.

micx1852d ago

Only $16 000 so far, it's probably not happening.

ZoyosJD1852d ago

It was pretty obvious there was no chance.

I'd prefer it if we make it to another livable planet first before we waste the money.

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