The only Samsung phone never accused of copying Apple just beat iPhones in a massive study

Over the years though, there is one Samsung smartphone series that has led instead of followed. And as it turns out, the latest version of that groundbreaking smartphone has just topped Apple’s latest iPhones in one of the largest and most respected consumer satisfaction studies in the world.

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madmonkey012336d ago

"The only Samsung phone never accused of copying Apple" that is not true at all.

Stringerbell2336d ago

Looking at the comment section, a lot of the users claim there is a bias against Samsung products. Going with a title like this certainly add fuel to the fire.

Gondee2336d ago

People like their note I guess, and considering there really isn't any other fablets with pens that are actually featured, Samsung is in a class on its own. My guess is the intention of this phone is clear, and customers who buy it know more or less what they want and expect.

N0TaB0T2335d ago

Too bad people never look past the brand label.

These fan wars are retarded.