Hound is Google and Apple's biggest threat when it comes to voice search

Apple and Google have been trying to master the voice search for years now, but out of the blue SoundHound just gave them all a left hook with the launch of their latest app, Hound.

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SoundHound’s virtual assistant launches out of beta to take on Siri, with support for Uber and Yelp

You may have thought that SoundHound had long ago ridden into the sunset, but you’d be wrong. Although its signature app has been focused on music search for the past decade, that's all about to change with the emergence of Hound out of beta. Hound is a natural language virtual assistant built off of the company’s proprietary platform. In other words, SoundHound is taking on Apple’s Siri, Google Now, and Microsoft’s Cortana.

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SoundHound Launches Houndify Platform To Add A Voice Interface To Other Apps And Devices

SoundHound’s Houndify, which promises to “add voice enabled conversational interface to anything,” is officially available to developers today.

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SoundHound now offers unlimited music ID's on Android


The free version of SoundHound on Android now offers an unlimited number of music ID's, the previous limit was only 5 ID's.

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