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Scottish government bans creationism from being taught in science classes

In another win for Science, the Scottish government has issues clear instructions advising schools to not teach Creationism as a scientific theory in classrooms. This comes after the Scottish Secular Society (SSS) filed a petition back in September 2014 asking for official guidance regarding a bar being placed on the subject matter.

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madmonkey013274d ago

teaching it as an idea is fine in my opinion, the problem comes when it is taught as a fact to kids at a young age

mixelon3274d ago

They're only banning it from science classes. They can totally bring it up in RE lessons where it belongs. (If they have to bring it up at all!)

NecotheSergal3273d ago

RE courses are fine to stay, I don't mind.

But yeah, keep the material where it belongs, not 'everywhere' or as if it is science, but in a course that's built and structured around it.

slate913274d ago

Like pigs to the slaughter, the world is turning its back to God. Like the blind leading the blind. And no one seems to see the pattern. Truly sad times

dcbronco3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

People aren't turning their backs to god, they are turning their backs to the opportunist that run religion. Religion may be the most destructive force in the world. It has no place in schools other than those run by churches. In actuality, it has no place in the lives of children period. Teaching children religion is no less dangerous than anything else deemed inappropriate for young minds.

I believe in God. But religion is an abomination.

Tzuno3273d ago

well said, a kid cannot judge for itself at a young age so it's like forcing the kid to believe, yes religion is a destructive force well said, sad that people are indoctrinated.

mixelon3273d ago

Weirdly, based on how Jesus spoke and acted about monolithic organised religions, he'd most likely at least partially agree with your last sentence.

Baka-akaB3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

A science class got no business teaching religious dogma and themes , just like a Spanish classic got nothing to do with French .

Even local catholic schools understands that , and just teach their faith another way in other courses .

Nothing prevents using Creationism elsewhere , but in education fields that actually rely on concrete facts , evidence , or theories that are backed up until debunked , it has no place .

Lionsguard3273d ago

Depends on your "religion". Meanwhile in Iraq, ISIS is teaching kids religious jihad. Are you happy?

MEsoJD3273d ago

There's no evidence for this imaginary entity. Everyday the idea of god dies little by little. The internet being the biggest reason (free flow of information).
Good on Scotland.

RJ920093273d ago

Sigh that people still let old worldways still blind us and turn man on man... do some research it's all about the sun and the stars in the sky and seasons.. look it up will blow your mind.

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micx3273d ago

Good, creationism has no place in science classes.

Rainbowcookie3273d ago

Why not explain both views and let the students decide. Problem solved.

Stringerbell3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Maybe in a theology class. Why does Creationism get preference over the thousands of other origins of life stories that exists in the world. Might as well teach children the Rigveda. In a science class its best to just stick to what is verifiable as opposed to metaphysical hearsay. Especially in a country that is supposed to be secular.

Non_sequitur3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

The Genesis story is unique because it was the first work to suggest that there was a beginning to everything (a cosmogony) ex nihilo (out of nothing), all other traditions have a story about the beginning of the gods (a theogony) with the cosmos already in existence.

Lionsguard3273d ago

Because it's a SCIENCE class.

hesido3273d ago

I think the best alternative would be teaching Scientology, it almost sounds scientific and has as valid explanation to life on earth as any other religion.

Baka-akaB3273d ago

Both can be explained , just not in a class that should feature it , that's the whole point

Qrphe3273d ago

It's science, about what we, as humanity, know. It's not a discussion board where we try to make everyone happy.

mixelon3273d ago

That's not how science works. So it's not what should be happening in science class.

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Psychotica3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

"Creationism can still be taught in classrooms, but teachers are required to make a clear distinction stating that it’s not scientific theory. " - That's right because it's fact not theory. What should be banned is the idea that nothing created something from nothing.

Stringerbell3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

As opposed to the other theory where an omnipotent being (we dont know where it came from) created everything out of nothing?

I'm not not looking down on Christianity but I dont see any merit in discussing it in a scientific setting.

Psychotica3273d ago

I am just as saying it deserves as much merit as the atheistic view which also requires faith. We don't have the Big Bang on video tape as far as I know..

Stringerbell3273d ago

We do not know yet. We may never know. In the absence of information supporting an assertion we do not insert ancient myths just because they make us feel better. We admit the obvious and keep looking. Thats science we work towards it constantly scrutinizing everything. Faith need not apply.

sjaakiejj3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

The great thing about the big bang is that we don't need a video tape. We can observe it right now. Due to the universe's rate of expansion, light that was emitted just after the big bang is still reaching us today. As such, if we look far enough, the big bang is still observable. But no matter how far we look, we cannot observe god, nor do we have a video tape of him.

Psychotica3273d ago

Yeah but scientist suggest the Big Bang just happened, without a cause which is ridiculous. The expansion of the universe also agrees with the Bible. The Bible indicates in several places that the universe has been “stretched out” or expanded. For example, Isaiah 40:22 teaches that God “"stretches out the heavens like a curtain, and spreads them out like a tent to dwell in."” This would suggest that the universe has actually increased in size since its creation. God has stretched it out. He has expanded it (and is perhaps still expanding it).


MEsoJD3273d ago

"What should be banned is the idea that nothing created something from nothing." The true nature of existence is very complicated subject that is being studied and tested by our greatest scientific minds. A complicated question, requires a complicated answer. The last big milestone I can think of was confirming the existence of the Higgs Boson particle (aka god particle) at the Large Hydron Collider in Switzerland. Saying, "god did it" is far too simplistic.

Qrphe3273d ago

Science doesn't say the Big Bang happened without a cause. It continuously tries to look for clues as to why/when/how it happened.

sjaakiejj3273d ago

It's interesting that you suddenly switched views in your comment, initially outright denying that we can scientifically prove the big bang happened, " deserves as much merit as the atheistic view which also requires faith. We don't have the Big Bang on video tape as far as I know..", followed by a far fetched argument that the bible somehow agrees with the expansion of the universe.

The bible also claims that earth was created in 7 days, whereas we know by study that the actual time it took to shape earth into a planet that even remotely reminds us of what it is now was over a billion years.

Science also doesn't suggest the big bang 'just happened'. We have several theories as to why it may have happened, from various schools of thought, including string theory and the multiverse. But just because we don't know for sure (because we cannot observe the reason, we would have to prove one of these theories by other means), doesn't mean science says it just happened. It means science says "we currently don't know."

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ShockUltraslash1898d ago

Oh no!
The power of Darkness gets stronger and stronger.
We need to gather the heroes of light to fight against this evil.

BioDead1897d ago

Finn and Jake should take the job!!


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level 3601899d ago

These Flat Earth believers' are really funny sickos.

Cobra9511898d ago

As a group, they're the perfect illustration of an echo chamber. Think of them as a control group, where the concepts espoused are clearly wrong, but they believe they're getting valid science (like drug control groups believe they are getting meds instead of placebos). Good studies of people's impressionability as members of a greater whole can be accomplished here.

blacktiger1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

It's funny how you judge others, regardless where's the proof of them being sickos?

kneon1898d ago

Anyone who truly thinks the earth is flat is mentally deficient.

1898d ago
KingPin1897d ago

1999: in 2019 AI would probably run the world we wont have to do anything.

2019: we're trying to convince people the world is round.

BioDead1897d ago

If earth is flat then most of the physics shouldn't work as they are working now. I saw a documentary on Netflix of this believe and I didn't get a single valid or scientific explanation from the believers how the flat earth works, why other planets are globes and earth is just flat, how the physics works with it, and so on. Seemingly flat earth is now in fashion, but it'll soon wears out. Hopefully.

Cobra9511896d ago

Just imagine the number of people who would have to be in on the round "hoax" over the centuries for it to succeed. A few examples: Anyone who flies an airplane, or in one, around the world. Most international ship captains and crews. Meteorologists. Astronomers. Anyone professionally involved with satellites.

Kostche1895d ago

the world is flat, belive what you want, nasa the biggest hoaxers to the human race, and its funny watching them mug the human race off, enyoy the space travel... LUL