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The Air Force wants its new hypersonic aircraft ready by 2023

In May of 2013, the Air Force successfully tested the X-51 WaveRider — an uncrewed, hypersonic "scramjet" capable of reaching Mach 5.1, or more than five times the speed of sound — by flying it at hypersonic speeds over the Pacific Ocean. Now, the Air Force is looking ahead to its next aircraft.

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Freaking laser beams were used to shoot down missiles by the US Air Force

Over the weekend, the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) used its Demonstrator Laser Weapon System (DLWS) to shoot down several missiles in flight.

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The U.S. Air Force Space Command is "completely committed" to recycled rockets

When it comes to reusable rocket technology, SpaceX has led the way, and the U.S. Air Force wants to follow suit. The Air Force Space Command, according to its chief, is committed to using pre-flown rockets for future missions.

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SpaceX launches mysterious Air Force space plane ahead of Irma's arrival

SpaceX launched an unmanned space plane for the U.S. Air Force Thursday morning, as Hurricane Irma took aim at Cape Canaveral.

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dcbronco2440d ago

Interesting. Wonder if the military has been monitoring the effects of global warming all this time. It would make sense considering they believe it is a huge threat to national security. That would also explain the lengthy missions.