Amoeba-inspired computing system outperforms conventional optimization methods

Researchers have designed and implemented an algorithm that solves computing problems using a strategy inspired by the way that an amoeba branches out to obtain resources. The new algorithm, called AmoebaSAT, can solve the satisfiability (SAT) problem—a difficult optimization problem with many practical applications—using orders of magnitude fewer steps than the number of steps required by one of the fastest conventional algorithms.

ZoyosJD3278d ago

It looks like a simplified neuron pattern to me.


On Next-Gen Console Games, Many Publishers Are Thinking Of The Price Hike: Report

Microsoft and Sony still have not given any details about the cost of their impending consoles. However, they are extensively anticipated to be more costly than their present-gen models.

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European Supercomputers For Covid-19 Research Hacked To Mine Cryptocurrency: Report

Hackers attack the supercomputers of the UK, Germany, and Switzerland, and "infections" included cryptocurrency-mining spyware.

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Mesmerizing Colored Chocolate Made By Scientists, No Additives

Scientists got an idea to make shimmery chocolate during coffee break. It was wondering for them to make colored chocolate and select it as research topic.

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