Driverless cars are going to make some people puke

Mankind’s rapid march toward a utopian (or dystopian, if you like) future of self-driving vehicles seems inevitable. And this makes a lot of people nervous. Mainly due to concerns about safety (probably the most high profile autonomous car, being developed by Google, has been involved in a small number of accidents) or just plain uneasiness about humans being replaced by automation in what remains for some a cherished activity. But there are other, simpler reasons why we should be cautious about self-driving cars: they could make you sick.


Driverless cars could be banned by Chicago City Council

Hours after Uber launched driverless cars in Pittsburgh, aldermen proposed an ordinance to ban driverless cars in Chicago.

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Uber Debuts Its First Fleet of Driverless Cars in Pittsburgh

The company’s fleet of robotic cars will be supervised by humans in the driver’s seat.

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When should driverless cars kill their own passengers?

With Google, Uber and Tesla working to get driverless cars on the road, the streets will soon be controlled by computers. But there are important questions.

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SunnyZ2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

"When should driverless cars kill their own passengers?"
The very moment the passenger opts for a driverless car of course.

Computers are inherently stupid, don't let them dumb you down by relying on them.
Most of all don't trust them with your life when not 100% necessary.

We are slowly becoming the race of the helpless. Pathetic.