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Xiaomi Mi Fit App receives Google Fit integration

Google Fit will now receive all the Xiaomi Mi Fit app data, all thanks to the recent update.

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Google introduces Fit, Drive, and Gmail widgets for iOS 14

Google has been launching Gmail widget on iOS 14 for its apps on iPhones. The iPhone users using iOS 14 update can now utilize widgets for Google Fit, Google Drive, Gmail

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You can now use Google Fit on your iOS device through Apple Health sync

If you're deeply invested in Apple, but would rather let Google track your fitness goals, you'll be glad to know that Google Fit is now available on iOS.

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Google Fit looks a lot like Apple's Fitness app thanks to the addition of rings

Today, Aug. 21, Google rolled out a complete redesign of its Google Fit app for Android and the Fit section of the Wear OS app on iPhone. The new design focuses on closing rings, much like the Apple Watch does.

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CurbStompin2097d ago

Thats because google copies everything off Apple.