Android M In 2015, Android N In 2016, And So On: New Android Release Every Year

Google I/O 2015 kicks off from tomorrow, and we all are waiting for one big announcement - Android M. After introducing Android L last year, which was later released as Android 5.0 Lollipop, Google will introduce a new version of Android OS at this year's I/O conference.

Android L in 2014, Android M in 2015... Android N in 2016? There's a strong possibility of that happening.

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subtenko2335d ago

meanwhile half or more android users are still waiting for Android L.....f the new updates...

njitram20002335d ago

Yeah, it's the greedy hardware makers that don't want to take their focus off of the newest models.

I'm so glad I decided to root my phone years ago. Now I'm running Lollipop on a Galaxy S2 and it's still fast enough.

Speed-Racer2335d ago

An S2 is a pretty old phone though? Do you expect them to cover you as far back as that? Not even Apple goes that far back with OS coverage.

njitram20002335d ago

@Speed-Racer, yes actually, I do. Kik Kat had project butter which was specifically designed to allow old phones to still run the most recent Android. Lollipop did that even better. Yet, as far as I know, not a single hadware manufacturer made use of that out of greed.

IOS becomes more and more demanding of the hardware so older models are not supported anymore because they simply can't handle it. Android stays roughly the same in terms of requirements.

Android is also an open OS so I should be able to download the vanilla version of the latest OS and put it on my phone. I haven't tried to compile my own version yet and maybe what I'm expecting is perfectly possible but that's not something someone with zero technical knowledge is going to do so those people are stuck buying a new phone.

subtenko2335d ago

dang a GS2? I have GS4 and its rooted but I hate it cause now after about 2 years its kinda laggy, and it takes like 8-10 hrs to charge fully, battery drains about 50%under average use in a matter of a few hours...

I have have apps frozen with titanium back up..I mean wtf!! This phone aint wroth $500!!! Bet the new zenphone 2 is better than this POS

I will have to look into doing that AOSP w/e its called thing. if it fixes these in..