Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti Pictured Here’s the first look at GeForce GTX 980 Ti. The card went through some minor design changes. Well, everyone knows that Ti branding separates men from the boys… (I should really sell my 980..). According to early benchmark results, GTX 980 Ti is capable of rendering double the amount of hair on Witcher’s chest, compared to non-Ti model, thanks to HairWorks Catalyst technology.

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Tech4Gamers2928d ago

Again, same cooler -_- I have been watching it for two years..

ZoyosJD2927d ago

I'd think the possibility of a new cooler will be more significant with the next set of cards seeing as they will be HBM and much shorter cards overall.

Tech4Gamers2926d ago

Agree, HBM will help to manufacture the compact card. But NVIDIA always tries to save money like they are not going to give the BackPlate with it..

mikeslemonade2926d ago

I like the look of the NVIDIA reference cards. Only the GTX Titan series look lame. But 780TI looks slick too.

Eyesoftheraven2926d ago

Hoping I can sell my 780Ti for a decent price.