NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti will be Officially Launched on 2nd June At Computex

NVIDIA’s most recent GeForce GTX 980 Ti has been officially affirmed to dispatch on 2nd June at the Computex 2015 occasion. NVDIA is by all accounts holding a major occasion at the show to dispatch their elite, and High performance GM200 based Graphics card to GeForce players which will be flaunted at the occasion and live spilled to open by means of Twitch.

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Tzuno2343d ago

I don't care, it will be overpriced, still loving a GPU that draws power only from the PCI-E slot only.

Dasteru2343d ago

It is expected to be $700 which is not at all overpriced for what it is. AMDs upcoming R9 390x is expected to be $850.

ABizzel12343d ago


No it's not, the R9 390x was expected to be $599 - $649. The 290x has dropped as low as $300, and a modified version will probably become the R9 380 series in the $300 price range. Moving from $300 (280x) up to $800 (290x) would be an insane price jump, especially considering the R9 290x2 is as low as $650 now.

I understand it's AMD's new flagship and using new GPU tech, but the only way I see this card costing $800 is because it's a maxed out version that comes clocked much higher than reference models, has 8GB HBM of RAM instead of 4GB, and has a tri-fan cooling system or radiator cooling system like the R9 290x2. And looking at the rumors it seems like everything I said is what the rumored $700 - $800 priced R9 390x is, since that card is suppose to compete with the TitanX.

The base card is $599, the moax card is $700 - $800.