Apple is losing Strength in Mobile Market, Only 17.9% market share

According to TomiAhonen Consulting, Apple is losing its strength in the smartphone market seeing largely superseded by Samsung, which managed to place in the first quarter of 2015 with no less than 82.8 million smartphones sold, allowed giant to have a market share of 24.3 percent. Apple is relegated to second place with 61.6 million units sold which accounted for 17.9 percent of the market share.

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kingPoS2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

It could that people have grown used to expanded functionality. It's quite possible that power users have come to expect the presence of the secondary storage solution known as the sd micro card.

iTechHeads2336d ago

It could be Samsung released their flagship phone this quarter while Apple didn't.

subtenko2336d ago

I just hope that stop being so cocky and stop the BS they do. Not saying Android is perfect and free from BS either...but apple....they got some work to do still.

MK24ever2336d ago

Just bought a $70 dollar phone that has an impressive HD screen, Quad-core processor, 4G, NFC, 8Mp camera with Full-HD video, already has Lollipop and is very well built.

And people wonder why is Apple losing strenght, also, people paying hundreds of dollars for smart-phones, Android of IOS, lost sight of reality.

Gondee2336d ago

It appears something has been smoked here, Apple is the single largest phone OEM... Fanboys compare IOS vs Android, the industry uses OEM vs OEM...

Speed-Racer2336d ago

If the stats in OP's post are right, Apple is still lower than Samsung alone.


Gondee2336d ago

Not sure why my link now requires an account to see the graph, but the two disagree. To further my point, Apple captured 93% of all smartphone profits Q1 this year, and thats up from 75% last year. Samsung is in a race to the bottom line with other android/WP OEMs, and its taking its toll.
Apple's smart phone division is gaining strength, contrary to this article.

Speed-Racer2336d ago

Well they're pretty expensive given that their phones all go for high end prices vs say Samsung that sells and entire range of phones. Financially, Apple is coming out on top and I think that's pretty much the major factor at the end of the day. I'm an Android fan but I stay away from Samsung. I've always been a Nexus person (LG and HTC). The graph you showed seems to be more correct because I checked NetMarketShare and they show about 38% belonging to Apple but they don't have a break down on Android so I can't tell which manufacturer has what control.

eferreira2336d ago

2 iPhone models vs 100s of cheap android phones.

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