Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition Launched, Arc Reactor-Themed Wireless Charger Included

amsung today launched the Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition. This limited edition Galaxy S6 handset, launched in collaboration with Marvel, comes with the same internals as a regular Galaxy S6 Edge with 64GB of internal storage. What's changed is the device's paint job.

If Iron Man owned an Android Smartphone, it would be the Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition. The phone's customization isn't just a show on the outside; a custom Iron Man theme comes pre-installed with the device.

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just_looken2337d ago

Ok thats a nice looking phone with the rights apps im sure you could fire a missile :).

crazychris41242337d ago

Why no US release?? I'm looking for a new phone. Would love to get the Captain America or Iron Man phone editions. Only other phone that I like is the G4 which comes out next week.

lorent9142337d ago

wow, it might get old but it is the coolest phone I have ever seen.