LG G4 Battery Life Is Worse Than Galaxy S6, One M9, Xperia Z3, G3, And G2

GSMArena has completed testing the LG G4 and have published all of the results in their review. If people had concerns about the battery life of the LG G4, they were right to do so. Battery life tests bring to light the poor performance of the G4, losing to its own predecessor, the LG G3.

We've compiled battery test results of the LG G4, G3, Galaxy S6, Xperia Z3, One M9, and also the LG G2 and compared them all. The results are poor for the G4.

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crazychris41243292d ago

Good thing we have a replaceable battery

Cueil3292d ago

quick fix... put Windows Phone 8.1 on it

silvacrest3292d ago

the G3 battery isn't great either, that 2K display is just a battery hog and slows performance, not worth it on a phone TBH

pwnsause_returns3292d ago

Z3 is a beast on battery life...can't wait to see what happens when they update lollipop to it in the coming weeks

3291d ago

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