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Why I am happy downgrading from a $500 to a $75 smartphone

The first smartphone I ever purchased died last week. It was an Android running CyanogenMod and lived through 19 months of aimless browsing, displaying stupid WhatsApp jokes, short and long late night conversations and more.

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MK24ever2340d ago

Just bought a Smart Prime 6 for €58 (around $65), HD screen, Full-HD recording, Quad-core, NFC, LTE, etc...
I'm coming from an Xperia S which at the time costed $600...

That's some mind boggling stuff even for me, I bought his cheap phone almost only out of curiosity on how good can such a cheap phone be, I don't expect it to beat the Xperia S on photos quality or durability and it has much less internal memory, but for such a huge difference on price....

Tzuno2340d ago

welcome down to earth

darren_poolies2340d ago

I've got a OnePlus One, bought it for £270 and I am very happy with it :)

KnowTechie2340d ago

same here. I dropped it and broke it, ended up buying another one!

johny52340d ago

Want to know a dirty secret? I never owned or bought a smart-phone, and guess what? I still don't need one! Everything I do, I do on my kick-ass PC, and if I need to call or text? I have my handy dandy $20 dollar pre-paid:) I don't see what's the fuss about, because I can't see myself enjoying gaming, or other forms of entertainment on such a small screen. I have my 110"inch projector screen and laser LED projector for that!

matt1392340d ago

But can you use your laser LED projector and 'kick-ass' PC when you're out and about? at the office? no you can't, It's 2015, you need a smartphone dude.

johny52340d ago

You're right! It is 2015 and I'm not socially inept to be stuck fondling with an inanimate object. I have friends, and girlfriends who I go see in person if I want to talk, because my friendship and respect shouldn't be tied to a device.

You were probably a Generation Z, So do yourself a favor and wake up to the real world Matt, and stop being sheep. I don't stay stuck in a office blowing away my social life on a $500 dollar phone, so I wouldn't know? But who am I kidding anyways? You're probably just a little brat without a social life...

TyBREAKR2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

@Johny5 Don't be such a douche. No one really cares what you do.

Why o why2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

Apart from the 'you need to get a smartphone' comment I agree with matt. Certain things can't be done on the go with a 'kickass' stationary pc. The false dilemma is also nonsense... you can own a smartphone and live a sociable life with kids, partners and mates. Last I heard, it was the guys stuck at home all day doing awesomesauce things on their untouchable rigs were the ones with no lives. Best thing about most things is to try something before you knock it. You may actually like it, you may not but at least you gave it a try.

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