MIITO is on a crusade to make the electric kettle obsolute

MIITO is an alternative to the traditional electric kettle, but a whole lot cooler.

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plmkoh2347d ago

Or you know, get a thermos for $10 or an electric water boiler that keeps water boiled.

donwel2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

They might actually succeed as well, what with obsolute not actually being a word and all.
Obsolete is the one your're looking for.

DivineHand1252346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Concept sounds good but there are some concerns.

1) Would the heater make the cup or bowl too hot to touch?

2) How would you heat up plastic or Styrofoam cups?

3) How long does it take to boil water opposed to traditional electric kettles?

4) How much power does it use when compared to the top electric kettle when boiling the same amount of water?

5) Is this priced competitively with electric kettles that are on the market?

6) Why are so many people interested in this when all they need to do is look on the ruler on the kettle they already own while filling up to avoid wastage?

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