AMD Throws Down With Nvidia And Gives The Low Down On HBM Technology

EGMR: "On the 19th of May AMD revealed to the world what they have had cooking in their cauldron for the past 7 years in partnership with Hynix. It hopes their new design is going to be a game-changer–by utilising a fast, power efficient stacked chip technology called HBM, or High Bandwidth Memory AMD hopes to steer some market share to their side of the pixel party"

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FastRedPonyCar2348d ago

LOL. Nvidia's 980ti is going to shit all over these new AMD cards.

ABizzel12348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

Well according to "rumored" benchmarks AMD's 390x beats NVIDIA's 980 Ti all around, and goes head to head with the Titan X at 1440p and 4k.

The results are still rumors, but at this point they're highly believable considering all the leaks, and actual photos of the GPUs in the hands of benchmarkers.

The good news for the 980 Ti is that it consumes less power still (250w vs 300w), and has NVIDIA drivers to keep the performance close.

Also there's a rumored 960Ti coming and it's performance is on par with the GTX 780.

NuggetsOfGod2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

Why do pc gamers act like peasants when it comes to gpu companies?

Why do you do it?

As far innovation goes AMD single handedly changed the industry with HBM & pushing for low level apis that let us pair any gpus u have(even discrete + intergrated).

How does nvidia respond? With fps munching pubic hairs in gameworks?

If you pledge allegiance to any corporation you are dumb ass.

Good luck to amd and gteedy ass closed minded nvidia as well.

May the best gpu win.

You should be rooting for amd to come back so we can get competition and cheaper cards.

Dasteru2342d ago

HBM is just a fancy name for stacked DRAM. Nvidia announced it several years ago and will be releasing it next year with the Pascal GPUs.

ironmonkey2348d ago

Lol and what if amd shits on 980ti? Will you shit yourself?

RazMaTaz01212348d ago

Always have preferred Nvidia cards to be honest.

Maul_T_Pass2348d ago

Sweet, a powerful piece of hardware that will be crippled by terrible driver support an unoptimized games...