"The Netflix for pirated movies" Popcorn Time found a home in your web browser

Anyone can be a pirate these days, it's as easy as opening up a web browser. Don't believe me? Head on over to PopcornInYourBrowser.net, and almost instantly, pirated movies are streamed directly in your browser thanks to a recently launched website masquerading as the anonymous team behind Popcorn Time, also dubbed as "The Netflix of pirated movies."

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Hackers hide malware in movie subtitle files. Here's how to fix it

if you use custom subtitles with VLC, Kodi, Stremio, or PopcornTime, your system may be at risk of a new type of malware.

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KingPin2561d ago

damn....soon no type of file will be safe.


New Ransomware Offers Free Decryption Key to Victims if They Infect Others

A ransomware named "Popcorn Time" encrypts your Windows files with an AES-256 encryption. To unlock the files, the victim will need to pay one Bitcoin ($780 or roughly Rs. 52,600).


Norwegian Police Seize Popcorn-Time “Information” Site

Norwegian economic crime police have seized the domain name of a local Popcorn-Time website. The site in question didn't offer any copyright infringing material, but featured news articles and links to external sites where the popular application could be downloaded. No arrests were made.

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