ISS Might Be Getting a Laser Cannon Upgrade for Space Debris

As the amount of space debris in earth's atmosphere builds up the risk of a collision with satellites, spacecraft, and even the International Space Station goes up. To eliminate that risk scientists are now discussing mounting a laser cannon to the ISS to knock into Earth's orbit to burn up.

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Minimoth2352d ago

Things are getting kinda crazy over on the ISS it seems.

pressjudge2352d ago

ISS is implementing laser cannons to protect earth from alien invasion, they know something we don't

Dasteru2351d ago

If aliens invaded, a laser cannon wouldn't do any good. Any alien race advanced enough to reach us would be at the absolute minimum, tens of thousands of years beyond us. The difference in weapons technology would be the equivalent of rocks vs nukes. Every military force on the planet working together wouldn't last 5 minutes against them.

2351d ago
subtenko2351d ago

Say we are the aliens..... We sent a rover to Mars and the moon and others that I dont know come the rovers landed on those planetary bodys without any conflict?

This tech you speak up tens of thousands of years would have the capability to do alot...

With the tech, I could project some message via light or a message of build something on a planet,etc. and Earth would know.

But the Rover is still on Mars, nothing has happened

The_Blue2351d ago

Saying it will protect us from extraterrestrial is actually correct.

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