US pushes pedal on car-to-car communication

Engineers have known for some time that if cars could only "talk" to each other, they could avoid a lot of accidents.


The 5 technologies that are going to define the next decade in cities

Cities have always been hubs of technological experimentation, shaped by the people who inhabit them and the tools they use. We can still see the marks, both charming and garish, from technologies of years past — from old aqueducts to telephone booths to the damage done by cars.

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Driverless cars could be banned by Chicago City Council

Hours after Uber launched driverless cars in Pittsburgh, aldermen proposed an ordinance to ban driverless cars in Chicago.

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Comma.ai will ship a $999 autonomous driving add-on by the end of this year

At TechCrunch Disrupt SF this year, famed iPhone and PlayStation hacker George Hotz unveiled the first official product of his automotive AI startup, Comma.ai. The Comma One is a $999 add-on shipping before the end of the year, with a $24 monthly subscription for its software, which Hotz says will be able to drive your car from Mountain View to San Francisco without requiring a driver to touch the wheel, the brake or the gas.

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