Oculus Drops PC & Linux Development to Focus on Windows

Oculus Rift specs released on Friday show that Mac and Linux owners won't be getting a chance to join the virtual reality revolution anytime soon. Oculus has focused development on high end Windows PC's with consistent components. That also pushes laptop users out of the running.

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SilentNegotiator3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

Limiting their audience further to get the product out on store shelves in 2062 instead of 2063.

GG, Oculus.

ChrisW3300d ago

2062? Hopefully they'll be working on VR contact lenses by then.

NuggetsOfGod3300d ago

The specs are high for this and laptops are mostly s wasted of time lol

Why drop linux though?

Vulkan on linux could help.

I'll just buy oculus for my windows rt tablet lol

KingPin3300d ago

considering windows is 90% of pcs out there. dropping linux and mac means they will miss nothing.
besides, they probably have all the patents/rights/etc so its not like anyone else can get into that market without getting sued.

its safe to say rather develop for 90% and get it 100% and work on the other 10% later. who knows, with the experience they gain, linux and mac users might get a better product right off the bat since all the testing and troubleshooting will be done with windows product.

SilentNegotiator3299d ago

"Oculus has focused development on high end Windows PC's with consistent components. That also pushes laptop users out of the running"

We're talking about a lot less than 90% of PC gamers.

Ripco_Keller3300d ago

Yeah, Mac is just going to wait until the tech and market interest is proven, then produce an overpriced and inferior product of their own which is completely incompatible with the rest of the market's offerings and people will think it's the second coming of christ and praise them for being so innovative.


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