Coding the future: What will the future of computing look like?

If you can code, you are more in more demand than ever before. Padraig Belton from the BBC takes a look into the future of coding.


Apple HomePod jailbreak reveals a slew of unofficial features

As per the report by 9to5Mac, the Checkra1n team and coder L1ngL1ng have jailbroken the Apple HomePod for the first time in history.

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Want your kids to learn coding? Train the darn teachers first

A number of schools have failed to train their teachers in the government's flagship computing curriculum introduced last year, which was intended to turn Blighty into a nation of coders.

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Probabilistic programming does in 50 lines of code what used to take thousands

Most recent advances in artificial intelligence—such as mobile apps that convert speech to text—are the result of machine learning, in which computers are turned loose on huge data sets to look for patterns.