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How Future Dog Technology Will Affect Pet Parents

The future is a scary prospect to some people while others find it very exciting. Today’s entrepreneurs work hard to make sure that technology continues its exponential growth, and it’s safe to say that the further we move along this highway of innovation, the more new products and methods we’ll encounter on our way to a more advanced, state-of-the-art tomorrow.

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"I'm terrible with technology"

The Verge - True story: back when I worked for Engadget it was always my dream to cover a Steve Jobs keynote. I knew how to liveblog, I knew how to do photos for a liveblog. I was capable. But I'm also a walking embodiment of Murphy's Law. Everything that can go wrong with technology, will go wrong in my hands. What if I can't connect to the internet? What if my camera's not working? What if I forget a cable, or an SD card reader? I was too obviously cursed with unreliability to earn a spot at a Stevenote. When Apple unveiled the iPhone, arguably the most important Apple keynote of all time, I was covering a Dell press conference in Las Vegas.

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10 Gadgets That Can Turn You Into a Superhero - BadFive

With all those superhero movies taking over the big screen, it’s hard not to want some kind of superpower yourself. If you’re desperate for some superhero action, the way to do it (unless you are a mutant) is by using some manmade technology gadgets that could give you superhuman powers. Let’s face it. You are not going to become Iron Man, nor will you acquire Batman’s cool gadgets, but you can come closer than you think to those superheroes by using the following gadgets.


The Gud1: Microsoft Offers Students a Free Xbox One With the Surface Pro 4

Microsoft is climbing onto the summer sale and back-to-school bandwagon, and has rolled out a pretty sweet deal for its US buyers. Until August 14, students who purchase the Surface Pro 4 will get an Xbox One free alongside.