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MacBook User Finds Windows 10 "Unequivocally" Faster than OS X

Maximum PC: Comparing Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system to Apple's OS X falls into the apples and oranges category, right? You could make that argument, though in terms of speed and performance, one need only install Windows 10 on a MacBook using Boot Camp and run cross-platform benchmarks in order to reach some conclusions. That's exactly what a Computer Science student at Tufts University in Medford-Somerville, Massachusetts did, which led him to conclude that Windows 10 is faster than OS X.

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colonel1792346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

I got my first Mac with Leopard (10.5), and it was amazing. Snow Leopard (10.6) improved it massively. Then came Lion (10.7) and Mac OS X has been going downhill ever since!

I don't even mean things like the redesign of Yosemite, but everything about the OS seems unfinished and/or unpolished. They added Mission Control, but they never implemented it properly, and has been a mess ever since. They even forgot to change TRASH to EJECT when dragging a volume to the trash to eject it. That just speaks for itself to prove that they don't even care to polish the OS anymore. Apple has been taking features out, or ruining them or changing the for worse for no reason at all. They butchered iWorks.

The point is, Apple is definitely not the perfectionist company that once was. Now it is more like a "Whatever" company, because they don't even care to finish the software anymore, not even try to release a good product, even though it is not "perfect".

Apple seems like doesn't know how to do software anymore, and Ferighini (or whatever his name is) needs to go. Also, giving software design choices to Jhon Ive was a huge mistake. He is a hardware designer. He is good at it, and needs to stick with it. They need to hire a real and good software designer to be in charge of Mac OS X.

With all that said. I personally wouldn't want to go back to Windows. I feel that even with all those OS X problems lately, Windows has many more. The deal breaker for me is that I have to install an Anti Virus. I've always thought that MS themselves are the ones creating virus to sell anti virus software.

I gave Windows 7 a chance and didn't like it. I gave Windows 8 a chance too and I hated it with passion. It was the most horrible thing MS has ever created. I want to give Windows 10 a chance though, because it brings a lot of changes (and some from Mac OS) that I want to try. I think MS new CEO is doing a great job with the company (so far) and he at least deserves a chance.

quenomamen2346d ago

Yea till you have to install all the antivirus, spam, trojan, malware shit.

Speed-Racer2346d ago

You don't have to. I haven't used any of those in years.

gamernova2346d ago

Remember the zero day exploit? Pepperidge farm remembers.

SilentNegotiator2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

From the blog: "it *looks* like 60FPS"
Oh yeah, very professional analysis. Thanks for the share, MaximumPC!! /s

Source: Some guy named "Alex King"'s eyeballs.