Tesla announces the Powerwall – A Special Rechargeable Battery

While most people enjoy the opportunity that they can quickly reach your destination by plane can be quite uncomfortable for many passengers who are afraid of heights, turbulence or collapses. Below we added a list of the most dangerous airport runways that probably only the more adventurous among you would want to reach. So get ready to be amazed and see how some pilots really have the so called adrenaline rush.

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proudly_X2354d ago

Tesla is evolving gradually.

MrDead2354d ago

Are these guys trying to poison the world? With all the copper, aluminium strip-mining and chemicals Tesla use it won’t be long before the oil companies will end up looking like the good guys in comparison. Let’s not forget what happens to all these batteries when they no longer hold their charge, they are binned or stripped down chemical washed and refined again causing more pollution.

Yet they bad mouth Hydrogen fuel cells, which are cleaner to produce (new fuel cells use hardly any refined metals or platinum and soon won’t be relying on platinum anymore) hold way more power and are more efficient with that stored power(with every unit of energy put into batteries you get four times the return with a fuel cell) and can use multiple liquids to fuel and refuel them (only takes five mins to refuel).