Smartphone Manufacturers are Ditching Micro SD Card Slots Because it’s a “Bad Idea”

TechFrag - These days, smartphone manufacturers have begun trending the inability to add micro SD cards. The focus is more towards providing a variant model with additional storage space. So why exactly are manufacturers opting for the latter?

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KingPin2360d ago

but when the phone os packs up and the only fix is a factory restore, with an sd card i have nothing to worry about but without one, i have to find the impossible task of repairing the phone without losing my data.

subtenko2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

Fckn bad idea to remove sd card slots ya bunch of Bleathering bloatware fillin overpriced storage model sellin theivin gomeril apple suckin scumbags!

Why o why2359d ago

Im starting to think the government want this.

badz1492359d ago


AGREED wholeheartedly! the sole reason I'm not even interested in buying an iPhone or iPad or even the Nexus is due to this, 2nd only to their absurd prices! Samsung used to be proud offering the SD slot but now they are changing for the worst! I'm all Xperia now and extremely happy with my 16GB Z3 Tablet compact + 64GB SD (Remote PLay FTW!!). I will definitely go for 128GB when they are more moderately priced later.

seriously, who in their right mind is honestly thinking no SD slots expansion is better than having one? SHEEP!

subtenko2359d ago

I think Xperia could be the next best thing if Sony jumps on all the stuff their competitors are doing wrong. It could be gained momentum like what happened with PS4 and Xbox One DRM. Jack Tretton indirectly showed off PS4 features will dissing the comp.

Sony needs to do that with the next Xperia phones.

If model storage upgrades we reasonable I wouldnt be as upset, but Im not trying to pay an idiot tax with 16gb more storage for $100 more (plus phone bloatware,that should pay for the so called upgrade), and companies would have more sales from people like us if if reflected micro SD cards.

I'll get Z3, Z4 or maybe this rumored new flagship phone announcing this month. (have 16gb [8gb + bloat] slow GS4)

Double_O_Revan2359d ago

All I know is the LG G4 still proudly supports an SD slot, and because of that, it'll be my next smart phone. Samsung blew it with the S6.

The_KELRaTH2359d ago

i wont buy another phone or tablet without storage expansion options. I did it with the iPad and the Lumia phone but never again as its so frustrating running out of memory all the time.

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iamnsuperman2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

So their reasoning is a user could by a cheap nock off. Isn't that the same thing with phones and apps? We could abandon them aswell.

The real reason is economics. It is hard to sell a 64GB version of a phone when you go for a 16GB and put a 64GB+ storage in it. At least be honest about it

wannabe gamer2359d ago

never once have I had a legit need for one of these slots and ive worked in IT and hardware integration for 10+ years.

xkvcq2359d ago

Cool story bro. Personally, I use my micro sd slot every day. Popped a 128gb card in my HTC ONE M8 and never looked back. Meanwhile, I've got all the bill nye the science guy, invader zim and Seinfeld that I can watch stored locally so I don't have to be connected to Wi-Fi to view it. Also, I use my phone for music production on the go and have a LOT of songs and versions of songs. I'm using about 70gb so far with plenty of space left for the next few years I have this wonderful phone. Then, I can just pop the 128gb card into my next phone because it will have an sd card. Yep, it's that important to me and millions of other people who like having more control over their storage and expandability. It's okay if you don't use it, I don't think your IT experience has anything to do with getting rid of it though. Implying that seems a little short sighted. :(

Double_O_Revan2359d ago

Love using my SD card for video storage. Watching Dragon Ball Z right now loaded straight off my SD card. Along with many other videos and shows. My entire music library is also on there.

Should anything happen to my phone tomorrow, I can just pop my SD card right into my new phone and it'll be like nothing ever happened, because I also have Titanium Backup saved on my SD card and can restore all my apps within a few minutes.

wannabe gamer2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

i didnt imply anything i just shared my personal experience and thats it...really its that simple.....
i guess all the disagrees i got are from people that have followed me in secret for the last decade or more

eferreira2358d ago

gotta have all your illegally downloaded stuff on you at all times.

eferreira2358d ago

I never fill my phone up. The option is nice but it's not a deal breaker for me. There are plenty of cloud base services to store most of my stuff or back it up on my laptop through itunes.

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mcstorm2358d ago

@wannabe gamer I have to agree I have not needed one for qite a few years now. I have a Lumia 925 with 16gb of memory but I only every take the odd pictures and videos. I stream all my music and if I am going somewhere I wont have signal I download a few Albums onto my phone but delete them after the trip. As for my pictures and videos they are synced with OneDrive so again I don't need to worry about backup ect which is also on my Surface too so they are there when I get home.

It really is on how you use your phone. I don't even play mobile games on my phone as I have never been excited by them.

I can see why people want to use external storage but for me its not the reason I buy a phone.

proudly_X2359d ago

It's just a silly way to make abnormal profits. Since it worked for Samsung, expect other mobile vendors to follow suit.

If users had boycotted Samsung latest flagship because of this unthinkable act! They would have put their house in order. But you know, anything that has the Samsung label on it sells like hot cakes! Thanks to their marketing department. They surely deserve any amount of money they are being paid..

UltraNova2359d ago

Just like they boycotted Apple for not including SD slots and removable batteries since 2005?

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