Facebook is reportedly testing an in-app search engine

Facebook is testing an internal search engine for its mobile app, according to a report from TechCrunch. A few iOS users are seeing an “add a link” option next to the buttons to add photos, locations, and feelings. Users can search a keyword in the link function, and Facebook will suggest related news articles to post.

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Soldierone2359d ago

Yeah, and then in a month you will need a separate app to do it. Plus a separate app to post statuses. And a separate app for reading full posts.

masterfox2359d ago

no thank you I don't wan't anyone to know when I'm searching for some kitties.

I mean look at them there are adorable:

DarkBlood2359d ago

I would care if facebook could fix this glitch where it randomly temporary locked myaccount despite there being nothing with it and when I try to confirm it after a security question it says no verification method available (how I knew it was a glitch in the first place * philishing website my ass*