Netflix against AT&T directive emerge

"Netflix is in a pickle. They’re in the middle of a titanic struggle to prevent AT&T and DirecTV from merging. If the merger were to happen, Netflix’s business will take a heavy hit."

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Soldierone3302d ago

As a DirecTV customer I don't want to see it happen either. It's bad enough AT T zones areas to push competition out.... their internet services suck.

Nodoze3301d ago

ATT just needs to die. Their internet is abysmal, and frankly they just don't get it. Too many suits.


Netflix tests a TikTok-style feed for kids

Say hello to ‘Kids Clips.’

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Netflix iOS games could take another route than Android

Netflix iOS games: By rolling out mobile game services for Andriod users, Nexflix verified its foray into gaming a short while ago. Apart from this, Netflix

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AT&T is placing data limits on HBO Max again

This comes after new net neutrality laws pass in California.

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PrimeVinister1161d ago

Ajit Pai has a lot to answer for.