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Graphene allows spiders to spin webs of unprecedented strength

Spiders spin super silk after being sprayed with a solution based on graphene nanotubes.

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Breakthrough with Graphene - new sieve could make sea water drinkable

The finest sieve imaginable could turn sea water into drinking water. University of Manchester scientists have developed a graphene oxide membrane that can filter even nanoparticles like common salts out of water. Graphene-based filters developed in the past were too porous to do this.

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We Have a New Way to Trigger Graphene's Hidden Superconductor Abilities

Physicists from MIT have found a way to turn graphene into a material capable of conducting supercurrents. Their technique puts graphene in between two superconductors that changes graphene's electron states.

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Graphene batteries may slash your phone recharge time to 15 minutes

A Chinese company has revealed the world's first graphene battery pack, which takes only 15 minutes to recharge despite its large 4,800mAh capacity, making it up to 20 times faster than conventional batteries.

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