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AMD’s 2016-2017 x86 Roadmap: Zen Is In, Skybridge Is Out

AMD’s CTO Mark Papermaster just left the stage at AMD’s 2015 Financial Analyst Day, and one of the first things he covered was AMD’s CPU technology roadmap for the next couple of years.

The big question on everyone’s mind over the last year has been AMD’s forthcoming x86 Zen CPU, developed by Jim Keller’s group, and Papermaster did not disappoint, opting to address the future of AMD’s x86 plans first and foremost. AMD it not releasing the complete details on Zen until closer to its launch in 2016, but today they are providing some basic details on the CPU’s abilities and their schedule for it.

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KingPin2355d ago

looking forward to it.
guess i should just wait for the new zen chips to come out instead of buying a pc with a FX8350 cpu.

ZoyosJD2354d ago

It'll be nice to see competition get going again.

On a side note: I'm pretty interested in the implications of a possible HBM on APU chips level of efficiency.