Why Does The US Patent Office Keep Approving Clearly Ridiculous Patents?

Imagine you're on your way to deliver a case of beer to a party. Before you get there, your boss sends you a text: They want 2 cases now. You read the text while driving (don't do that), so you deliver an extra case when you arrive. Having successfully completed that task, you leave for your next delivery.
Congratulations! You might get sued by the owner of April's stupid patent of the month.

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KingPin2367d ago

because the US patent office has a bunch of people who dont know what else to do.

besides, the more generic crap they have the patents for, the less chance for a foreign company to use it in the US.

case and point, using your thumb and index finger to zoom on a touch screen phone. see, they gave it to apple, so when samsung came in, BAM!! lawsuit, free money for the US coz apple still had to pay tax on that.