The Pillars of Creation Will Disappear in a Cosmic Blink

One way or another, the Pillars of Creation are toast. Based on new observations at the European Southern Observatory, these awe-inspiring structures have another 3 million years before their ghostly image fizzles away into cosmic nothingness.

ProjectVulcan3307d ago

They have already gone, probably even before we built the pyramids. We just haven't seen them disappear because the light hasn't reached us yet! :p

deklore3306d ago

The Pillars are 7000 light years away. So if we're seeing light from 7000 years ago and they are going to disappear in 3 million years, i would say they are still there.

ProjectVulcan3306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

Read the article. It states in just the second paragraph linking to another older article (I had read before) that speculates that the Pillars could have already been destroyed over a thousand years ago.

If so it means we haven't seen it yet, because as you say, they are so far away we won't see it for some time.

If they have been destroyed at any point from the Pyramids (5000 years ago) since, we still won't see it for ages :P


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