Researchers Chemically Control A Mouse’s Mind For Science

One minute the mouse was starving, and the next it turned away from its food, leaving it untouched. Its sudden bursts of activity were counteracted with just as sudden bouts of lethargy. This mouse was acting strange, and it wasn’t by accident--it was because scientists made it behave that way.


EVs Explained: What is a kilowatt-hour, and while we're on the subject, what is a kilowatt?

When talking about EVs, kWh and kW are often mentioned without context, but neither is as complicated as you might think.

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On Next-Gen Console Games, Many Publishers Are Thinking Of The Price Hike: Report

Microsoft and Sony still have not given any details about the cost of their impending consoles. However, they are extensively anticipated to be more costly than their present-gen models.

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European Supercomputers For Covid-19 Research Hacked To Mine Cryptocurrency: Report

Hackers attack the supercomputers of the UK, Germany, and Switzerland, and "infections" included cryptocurrency-mining spyware.

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