NASA Tests ‘Warp Drive’ In Vacuum, Breaks Laws Of Physics

NASA has quietly, and successfully, tested an electromagnetic (EM) drive in a space-like vacuum. Some are calling the propulsion system a “warp drive” for its incredible potential speeds, although researchers say it falls short of faster-than-light travel.

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Dasteru2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

I think this is just another example of why NASA needs to stop the arrogance of calling all their theorys "laws"

The laws of physics are nothing but a means for egotistic scientists to make themselfs feel better about something they cannot currently figure out. The fact that the EM drive works, proves that the conservation of momentum is not a law. It was a theory. Now it is a busted theory.

The entire "Laws of physics" book needs to be tossed in the garbage where it belongs.

thorstein2369d ago

I don't even...

Clickbait headlines. NASA has claimed no such thing as "it breaks the laws of physics"

In fact, the Headline should be: Nasa Tests "Warp Drive" engine in vacuum.. it works."

Subtitle should be: "The drive builds upon our understanding of physics."

Tsuru2368d ago

they dont have to say it. its implied by the results that they received. Based on what we know of the Law of physics, it shouldnt work, but it has.

extermin8or2368d ago

Studying physics at uni, from what I understand the drive doesn't follow Newton's law of conservation of momentum thus it breaks the laws of physics unless the explanation they provided todo with a quantum effect (I forget the full explanation but basically it resolves the issue) till someone tests if it's a correct explanation or not we won't know however.

ZoyosJD2369d ago

The only thing this proves is that a vacuum isn't what we thought it was.

Ever since I took quantum physics, I knew the taught explanation and approximation for the atom and surrounding space was hilariously inaccurate and exaggerated for the sake of "simplicity" which has ironically made things more difficult.

As someone who has read through the papers on the subject my best simplified explanation is that a true vacuum is a warp of space, and we just made a suction cup.

Lionsguard2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

More like this is just another example of why people should read articles first instead of commenting on an outlandish headline.

extermin8or2368d ago

There is an explanation they have for how it works that doesn't break laws of physics. The fundamental laws of physics have been tested so many times and they hold up seemingly universally. So to all intents and purposes they are laws thar cannot be broken. Basically the laws of thermodynamics, conservation of momentum, equal and opposite reaction forces, and so on. If it's something with an exception or that's not quite so clear. They usually call it a rule. Rules can inconveniently/conveniently have exceptions however the laws are meant to be unbreakable.

kingPoS2368d ago

Wait... Some guys at NASA discover a method of traveling at warp like speeds, and somehow the're arrogant.

What..I don't even...

Dasteru2368d ago

Arrogance and ignorance are not the same thing.

ChristopherJack2368d ago

I think you put too much value into the word law. After all a law is only a construct of rules, they don't necessarily have to be infallible, I wouldn't say any law in any country of any continent is perfect & should always be adhered to the very letter. Laws are removed or altered all the time.

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SilentNegotiator2368d ago

They already "recorded" light going faster than the supposed limit and then later realized it was a miscalculation. Let's repeat this result a couple of dozen times before we make any assumptions.

ZoyosJD2368d ago

Three separate groups have confirmed the results. This is the results of the second series of tests, performed in a vacuum, by one of the groups. The initial findings were reported in 2014.

Event_Horizon2368d ago

Has anyone actually read the article. It explicitly says that this drive does not achieve FTL speeds.
But it does defy physical laws and it was labeled impossible by the scientific community.