DARPA’s self-steering bullet hits the target every time

DARPA has managed to create a bullet, which can be fired by an expert or a novice, that moves in the air and steers itself to its target.

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dota2champion3312d ago

Whoa, anyone can be an assassin with that

no_more_heroes3311d ago

Guess no one can complain about auto-aim in games anymore...

NecotheSergal3310d ago

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare 3 - Everyone has aimhack because it's legitimate technology now!


DARPA Gamebreaker aims to train military AI systems on open world video games

AI Business: The US defense research agency is looking to use video games to train an AI capable of “developing winning warfighting strategies.”

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DARPA is Working on an Anonymous Mobile Communication System

According to an information document on Dr. Joshua Baron's supporters' day, DARPA is working on an anonymous mobile communication system

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Military pilots can control three jets at once via a neural implant

Earlier this month, DARPA, the U.S. military’s research division, unveiled a project that it had been working on since 2015: technology that grants one person the ability to pilot multiple planes and drones with their mind.

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ajax172070d ago

And this is just what they're letting the public have knowledge of; I can't even imagine what they are working on that we don't know about.

SpringHeeledJack2068d ago

Strange how those so called "nut job" witnesses and ex military all said downed UFO craft were controlled via the occupants minds and technology is drip fed to US research departments and low and behold decades later we get the technology they talked about.

annoyedgamer2067d ago

Now all we need is massive nuclear powered mechs and giant crab-monsters.