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Sunfire, Audi en route to synthetic fuel of future

How are scientific minds doing in coming up with a synthetic fuel as a viable alternative to petroleum? For some engineers, this is a long-held dream they refuse to dismiss. A Dresden-based company, sunfire, is confident they have reached a real goal.


Memorial Day car sales 2023: the best deals from Toyota, Honda, BMW, and more

While you’re hopping between barbecues and pool parties, you don't want to miss out on the best 2023 Memorial Day car sales in your area.

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The best car subscription services for drivers with commitment issues

You wouldn't download a car, but with the best car subscription service, maybe you would borrow one for a monthly fee.

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Audi infotainment system informs owners of unpaid options

A car owner recently posted a video showing that this philosophy could be bleeding over into the automotive industry.

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